Mollusk Jeffrey Pants

Mollusk Jeffrey Pants
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Mollusk Jeffrey Pants

What they say

Somewhere in the perfect middle, combining the ease of an everyday chino and the comfort of sweatpants, The Jeffrey Pants are the perfect pant to slip on post-surf or a weekend trip to the beach followed by brunch.

Why it’s worth it

In our search for the perfect pair of men's pants, we've tried them all. They are either too short, too long (we're really not into the whole cuff rolling thing), too baggy, or too heavy. We've been huge fans of Mollusk's cordoroy shorts and surfer tees for some time, and decided to give their Jeffrey pants a go. These pants are the perfect material for hot summer nights or cool fall afternoons. They're an awesome choice for the remote worker who wants to keep it casual and comfortable in your home office. What we love about these pants is the slimmer fit combined with the elastic drawstring waist and cuffs — stylish comfort that can't be beat.

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