Arvin Goods Men's Earth-Friendly Socks

Men's Earth-Friendly Socks
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Arvin Goods Men's Earth-Friendly Socks

What they say

We start by recovering recycled textile scraps and fabrics. This lets us avoid relying on water and energy intensive cotton farms or production facilities. This is where every Arvin product begins, and where every Arvin product could return to.

Why it’s worth it

Casual socks are typically boring, made of cheap materials, and have no back story other than becoming a way to keep your feet from smelling in your sneaks. Arvin Goods focuses on recycling materials and saving the planet, all while making unisex casual socks that are high-quality, awesome looking, and actually comfortable. The color palette is extremely refreshing and if you're a sneakerhead, there are plenty of alternate color combos that will look great with your latest cop. Choose from no-show, ankle, and crew styles and upgrade that junky Hanes 12-pack ASAP.

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