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Peace Coffee Twin Cities Signature Blend

Twin Cities Signature Blend Coffee
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Peace Coffee Twin Cities Signature Blend

What they say

One, a little more bustling, and the other, a little more cozy, Twin Cities pays homage to the distinct styles of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Pedaling the line between medium and dark roast, the result is a balanced coffee that's full of flavor. Our flagship coffee is sure to be enjoyed no matter which side of the river you're from.

Why it’s worth it

We love everything about this coffee maker — its mission, its purpose, and of course its amazing organic coffee. We love most of their flavors, but our favorite is Twin Cities. It's a well-balanced, flavorful dark roast with notes of toasted walnut, cocoa, and caramel, perfect for your morning brew or mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Peace Coffee's fair trade beans also has you feeling good about what you're drinking, and their subscription service ensures you'll never run out.

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