OXO Tot Bottle Brush & Stand

OXO Tot Bottle Brush & Stand
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OXO Tot Bottle Brush & Stand

What they say

This handy multi-tool can be used to clean a variety of baby feeding equipment: bottles, nipples, and breast pump parts. The soft and firm bristles allow for gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing, while the detail cleaner grants access to tight spots. Ventilation holes in the base and stand keep the brush dry.

Why it’s worth it

This is one of those products that makes you say, "why didn't I think of this?". This is the most genius update to the standard baby bottle brush ever. It checks all boxes: Soft bristles that don't spray water and soap everywhere, bottle brush in handle with air vent, ventilated brush stand with a pour spot you can empty, affordable price point. Sometimes a basic product gets a simple upgrade that really does make your life better (parents, you know exactly what we mean). Grab two so you have an extra one on hand, or pick up two different colors and do your big kids' dishes with one and the baby's with the other.

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