Maclaren Triumph Lightweight Stroller

Maclaren Triumph Lightweight Stroller
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Maclaren Triumph Lightweight Stroller

What they say

A lightweight sporty and stylish ride that is perfect for quick errands or long-distance trips. Triumph features a fully padded seat with built-in leg support cushion and best-in-class multi-position recline.

Why it’s worth it

You get what you pay for with just about anything these days. Saving money on car seats or strollers typically comes back to bite you in the rear, because you wind up having to buy multiples due to poor quality or inconvenient features. Maclaren's Triumph stroller provides a safe and convenient way to tote your tot around due to its lightweight, slim footprint and comfortable seat. One-handed opening and closing features come in handy when you've only got one arm free. Add-on accessories like cup holders and covers allow you to customize your kiddo's ride. Our favorite feature? The ultra extendable waterproof and UPF +50 hood comes down the furthest of any stroller we've seen, keeping your child almost completely shielded from the elements.

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