type:A Natural Deodorant

type:A Natural Deodorant
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type:A Natural Deodorant

What they say

type:A’s patent-pending formula is carefully crafted to be 100% non-toxic using only naturally-derived or safe synthetic ingredients. Vetting product safety is our top concern. It’s not enough to be free from a few buzzword ingredients. We set a strict ingredient standard for what we will and won’t use. And then we thoroughly screen and test each ingredient and the entire formula for safety.

Why it’s worth it

Natural deodorants that actually work are hard to come by. The idea of cream deo's creeps us out, and are quite honestly a real pain to apply. type:A's natural deodorant is in fact a cream deodorant, however their ingenious tube and applicator delivery system makes us forget it's not a roll-on. As far as their performance claims go, it passes on all levels, and doesn't stain clothes. We'd love it if the tubes were just a bit bigger though. One thing to note: If you're allergic to sodium bicarbonate, look elsewhere.

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