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Recipe For Men Alcohol Free Antiperspirant

Alcohol Free Antiperspirant
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Recipe For Men Alcohol Free Antiperspirant

What they say

This alcohol free antiperspirant deodorant provides outstanding wetness protection. The mild formulation with anti-irritating allantoin and caring shea butter neutralizes bacteria for long lasting odor control. Absorbs quickly. Non-staining. Non-sticky.

Why it’s worth it

This antiperspirant is the only one we'll put on our pits during the warmer months. Why? It's simply the best one we've ever used. No gimmicks, no B.S., no fancy crap. And as far as antiperspirants go, it's about as clean as you can get while actually keeping sweat at bay. The roll-on application is smooth and effortless. and the light smell is clean and luxurious. The non-staining formula protects our clothes, and we found that under normal conditions it provided at least 24 hours of protection. We've tried them all, and Recipe For Men's alcohol free antiperspirant is simply the best men's deodorant on the market.

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