Oars and Alps

Oars and Alps Men's Natural Deodorant

Oars and Alps Men's Natural Deodorant
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Oars and Alps Men's Natural Deodorant

What they say

Natural deodorant that actually works: Beat BO and yellow pit stains. Oars and Alps has the most effective natural deodorants that smell so good you'll look forward to using them. A powerful natural deodorant that uses cornstarch to absorb odors, while botanicals nourish the skin and mask body odor. Free of aluminum, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, talc, cruelty and other toxic ingredients.

Why it’s worth it

Natural deodorants are everywhere, but most of them are completely smoke and mirrors. Sure, they don't contain any harmful chemicals, but they also smell terrible and generally aren't effective. We were skeptical when we decided to try Oars and Alps for these reasons, but stuck through their recommended two-week transition period. Although we didn't quite see any of their claims in their detox stages come to life, we were pleasantly surprised by their general effectiveness. The scents are masculine but clean, and mostly keep you from smelling bad. As with any natural deodorant, you should expect to reapply as needed throughout the day. Our favorite scent of the bunch is California Coast, which we also found to be the most gentle and non-irrative of the bunch.

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