Nasanta Natural Magnesium Deodorant

Natural Magnesium Deodorant
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Nasanta Natural Magnesium Deodorant

What they say

You need magnesium for energy production, nerve transmission, protein synthesis, muscle relaxation, and multiple other body functions. More than another natural deodorant, nasanta is formulated with healthy magnesium sourced from Japan.

Why it’s worth it

If you have sensitive pits that itch or break out from most brands, Nasanta is a must-have addition to your grooming regimen. The liquid formula rolls on easy and dries in minutes, and their no-stain formula keeps your favorite shirts free of nasty pit stains. We love that it works without any of those nasty additives or chemicals that are most likely in your current brand. We particularly like to use Nasanta as a bridge between our fragranced deodorants to give our skin a chance to heal (over the weekend, for example), or after showing following a workout. If you're a particularly sweaty chap though, you'll want to reapply throughout the day.

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