GOA Men's Purifying Face Cleanser

GOA Mens Purifying Face Cleanser
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GOA Men's Purifying Face Cleanser

What they say

Dark Phyto-Matter and a high concentration of organic antioxidants power GOA's Purifying Face Cleanser to greatly reduce the look of acne, pore size, and fine expression lines, while detoxifying the surface of the skin.

Why it’s worth it

After years looking for the best men's daily cleanser, we've finally found one that lives up to all its claims. GOA's purifying face cleanser is pure gold. We experienced no irritation, no skin break-in period, and no dryness after application. The scent is light (think anise and cinnamon) and dissipates after a few minutes. You also wind up getting more for your money due to the fact that no water is added to their products, so you're getting all of their Dark-Phyto matter goodness in a completely undiluted state. Best of all, their men's skincare line is made with organic ingredients right here in the USA. Although you can use this in the morning and at night, we prefer to use it as our nighttime facewash and use a light glycolic cleanser in the morning.

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