Geologie Men's Custom Skincare

Geologie Men's Custom Skincare
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Geologie Men's Custom Skincare

What they say

Your skin deserves the best. But you don’t have time to learn what retinol and niacinamide are. That’s where we come in: we set you up with a simplified, personalized routine so you can focus on what matters and stay looking sharp. And we’ll never make you use the word “essence.” While you can’t actually fight time or the sun (put down the gloves, Tom) you can protect your skin from their effects. And get rid of acne, fine lines and dark undereye circles while you're at it.

Why it’s worth it

We're skeptics when it comes to big claims in men's grooming products because they never live up to the hype. We tried for years to roll our own skincare routines by picking and choosing products from multiple companies to try to meet our skincare needs. It's a costly and tedious process that rarely works. We caught wind of Geologie's products and decided to give them a shot. Geologie's custom skin routine is the real deal, and the best men's skincare line currently available. The customer service is exceptional and will work with you personally to configure the correct products and custom ingredients based on your unique skincare needs. The ingenious idea of providing two face washes in each order allows you to save time by keeping one in the shower and the other on the counter. Their day cream is one of the only ones we've tried that doesn't leave your skin greasy and glistening later in the day, and their eye cream doesn't irritate your eyes. It's literally the holy grail of men's skincare routines.

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