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Fellow Barber Winter Wash Shampoo

Fellow Barber Winter Wash Shampoo
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Fellow Barber Winter Wash Shampoo

What they say

Winter Wash is specifically designed for harsh, cold weather. Your hair and scalp react to the seasons, your hair wash should, too. What makes it special? The formula is designed to wash hair and scalp with essential oils and botanical cleansers. This wash will nourish and condition your hair so it feels healthy, even though the weather is conspiring to dry it out. There are no harsh detergents. It is paraben-free and sulfate-free. It has 100% natural fragrance.

Why it’s worth it

We were recently turned on to Fellow Barber's Winter Wash shampoo after scouring the earth for shampoos that are worth their salt and make good on their claims. It makes perfect sense: your hair and scalp should be treated differently depending on extreme weather conditions, and Fellow Barber is the only men's brand out there with this approach. The dual-function shampoo's botanical cleansers let you skip the conditioner, and the thick no-lather formula requires only a small pump or two for cleansing. We've found Winter Wash to work especially well for hard-to-treat conditions like dandruff and other scalp conditions. Come spring, order their Summer Wash for a powerful, healthy year-round hair routine.

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