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What they say

Part pocket charm, part worry stone, the BRNLY Cypop is a piece of design that can be carried on your person and pop bottles in a pinch.

Why it’s worth it

Dropped randomly throughout the year, Cypops are handmade by Lucas Burnley in drool-worthy EDC materials such as brass, copper, and titanium, and are released in a variety of styles and thicknesses. The single knuck design doubles as a bottle opener (for the good times, and the bad), so it not only looks cool but actually doubles as a functionaly piece of pocket jewelry. It might be the most expensive bottle opener you'll ever purchase (priced from $125 to $1250+ depending on materials and design) but the scarcity and quality of the craftsmanship makes them worth every penny. If you like working hard and doing good, BRNLY Cypops are a must-have EDC splurge—if you can track one down.

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